Beginning Farmer Projects


Bluestem Hollow

Farmer: Maia “Farmer Getty” Larson

Location: Greenbrier, AR

Bluestem Hollow is a biointensive farm and native plant nursery in Central Arkansas. Maia Larson and her mother are currently creating the infrastructure for this mother-daughter farm. The SCA team has been closely involved with an important piece of this infrastructure: their large high tunnel structure.

SCA has helped Maia and her mother:

  • Find and secure high tunnel funding through the NRCS Equip Grant
  • Select a high quality greenhouse kit to fit their needs
  • Hire experienced high tunnel builders to assist in installation
  • Build the high tunnel

Learn more about Bluestem Hollow on Facebook and their website.

Check out the progress below!



IMG_0433 (2) IMG_0435 IMG_0443


Stay tuned for more updates!